One-Stop Comprehensive Service
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One-Stop Comprehensive Service

Our Full Range of Services

Safe Keeping of Company Chops for a Small Fee


One-Stop Comprehensive Service

Here at Jay and Shaw we understand the challenges faced when establishing a business whether that includes finding a viable business address, tax reporting, book keeping or generally overcoming the language barrier. With years of experience in this industry, Jay & Shaw has set up a close network with other business service agencies in Beijing. We can provide you with a choice of reliable and professional agencies which can assist you in their specialized line of work. We will also, at your request, to liaise with those agents you choose and organize all the relevant services on your behalf. We believe that this comprehensive service is necessary and essential allowing you to save much needed time and money during the complex process of establishing a business in China.

With over ten years of experience in this industry, we have set up close networking relationship with a select number of accounting firms, headhunting companies, office renting agents and corporate service agents in the major cities in China. These relationships, together with our own office enable us efficiently to provide clients with seamless corporate services in China.

Our Full Range of Services

  • Business Registration (WFOE, RO, FIPE & JV )

  • Intellectual Property Registration

  • Rental Assistance (Office, Apartment & Commercial)

  • Book keeping & Tax Reporting

  • Chinese Visa assistance

  • Chinese Suppliers Finding

  • China Immigration assistance

  • Recruitment Assistance

  • Payroll & HR Outsourcing.

  • Corporate Training

  • Business Translation

  • Travel/Ticket Assistance


Our mission is to be your premium one-stop business services provider in China. Our one point-of-contact staff will take care of all the subsequent services by close co-working with team members and outside service provider. In engaging Jay & Shaw for the first time, we will strive to build a long-term business relationship with you by offering services that meet your needs at the right time and the right price.

Safe Keeping of Company Chops for a Small Fee

Another way we can help you although it is not in the domain of the law firm, is safe keeping of company chops for a small fee. A company chop is used for validating legal documents or issuing official Fapiaos, without which a company cannot receive most business payments. Therefore anyone who has possession of the company’s chops has the ultimate control of the company. A common area of potential disputes for foreign investors is the actual control of the company’s chops. Unscrupulous Chinese managers or partners sometimes take control of the company’s chops and cheques thus rendering the foreign investors impotent and at their mercy. Here at Jay and Shaw, we can provide a secure safekeeping service where we hold your company’s chops and only use them on your direct authorization. This gives foreign investors a peace of mind and ensures that the control of the company is in the hands of professional and reliable lawyers.

We have handled a number of disputes resulting from the situation that foreign investors are denied access to company chops, thus losing control of their business, which eventually leads to litigation and even dissolving the company.

For foreign investors, especially whose daily presence in their Beijing offices is not guaranteed, this service is highly recommended.


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